About Alaska’s Bakery

The Story of our 100% Organic Gourmet Dog Bakery

About Alaska's Bakery Dog Treats

Founder Noreen Naidus & Alaska

Before Alaska, a six week old miniature American Eskimo, came to live with us, I began researching the best way to raise him so that he would live a long, healthy and happy life.

On thing I learned was that feeding him a natural, organic diet, closer to what his ancestors (wolves) in the wild ate, was the way to go.

While looking for commercial products in the way of food and treats, I could not find any that met my standards, so I decided to bake my own. I came up with some ideas and immediately checked with his highly respected veterinarian for direction and guidance. He and his friends went nuts over these biscuits! That is when I decided to share these wholesoome treats with your “kids”, and make them easier for you than they were for me to find.

Alaska is the joy of our lives, and is much more than a pet. He is a member of our family, as we know your “kids” are to you. Alaska’s world is filled with health, attention, and most important of all, love. He eats a healthy diet, exercises, plays everyday, and gets our buscuits daily as a reward for executing brilliant commands (and sometimes just because he’s so cute.)

We feel confident and safe in giving him our 100% organic, abundantly flavorful treats, and we’re sure you will too!

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Alaska’s Bakery is proud to be certified to the highest level of organic certification of 100% organic by the USDA, and made in the USA with 100% organic human grade American ingredients!


All ingredients used in Alaska’s Bakery products are Non-GMO. That’s important! Don’t know what that means? You can get more information here: www.nongmoproject.org

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