100% Organic

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Yes, that’s right! We said 100% Organic!

Alaska’s Bakery certified 100% Organic Dog Biscuits are the most delicious, healthy, wholesome treats available. Whether you want to give your dog a treat that is exceptionally healthy, or you just want to spoil them with a totally chop-licking snack, dogs are barking everywhere for Alaska’s Biscuits.

USDA Certified Organic

Alaska’s certified 100% Organic Dog Biscuits were inspired by Alaska, my miniature American Eskimo. He is the joy of my life, and is much more than a pet. He is a member of my family as I know your “kids” are to you. Alaska’s world is filled with health, attention, and most important of all, love. He eats a healthy raw organic diet, exercises, plays every day, and gets my biscuits daily as a reward for executing brilliant commands (and sometimes just because he’s so cute).

While looking for commercial dog treats, I couldn’t find any that met my standards, so I decided to bake my own. After countless months of experimenting, I finally came up with the perfect biscuits. Because of my passion for for dogs, and my determination to reach dogs everywhere, I am sharing them with you.

Did you know that feeding your pets organically – including dog treats – has been proven to extend the length and improve the quality of their lives? Eating organically is beneficial in creating and maintaining a strong immune system, and organic fords are more easily digested by the body in both humans and animals. Eating organic foods also keeps away  the dangerous GMO’s now plaguing the human and animal food supply.

100% Organic Dog Approved Associations

Organic” facts you should know

There are 3 levels of organic certification accepted by the USDA.

  1. 100% Organic – each individual ingredient has been verified, and certified to 100% organic and may bear the USDA seal. This is the highest level of organic certification.
  2. Organic – At least 95% of total ingredients are certified organic, but additional processing aids or non-organic ingredients are added. May bear the USDA seal. Most organic products fall under this category.
  3. Made with organic ingredients – At least 70% of ingredients are certified organic. May not bear the USDA seal.

Alaska’s Bakery is proud to be certified to the highest level of organic certification of 100% organic by the USDA, and made in the USA with 100% organic human grade American ingredients!

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