Dr. Joanne Stefanatos, BS, DVM, CVA, CVC, MHMA, Wildlife Rehabilitator

Dr. Stefanatos is a pioneer in holistic veterinary medicine and a veterinary surgeon specializing in conventional and holistic therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, electrodiagnosis and magnetic therapies.

Dr. Stefanatos graduated from:

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1967, B.S. in Zoology
Fellow in Anatomy at St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. 1967-68
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 1972

  • Recipient of the Tri-Penta Honor Society Award 1971
  • Phi Zeta Veterinary Honor Society Award 1972 – University of Missouri Veterinary School
  • Who’s Who Amongst Students in American Universities and Colleges 1972
  • Nevada Wildlife Veterinarian since 1972
  • Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife 1977-80
  • Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Clark County Veterinary Medical Assoc. -1975-77
  • Board member of the Society of Ultramolecular Medicine
  • Committee Chairman of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society
  • President of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
  • Outstanding Holistic Veterinarian of 1992 by the AHVMA
  • Chairman of the Bioethics Committee for the AHVMA 2003
  • Chairman of the Scholarship Committee for the AHVMA 2003
  • Director of Veterinary Studies and Faculty of the British Institute of Homeopathy

Dr. Stefanatos has served on the Veterinary Advisory Boards: Let’s Live Magazine, Tiger Tribe, Natural Pet, and was a columnist for Bless the Animals, for American Homeopathy Magazine.

Awards and honors include:

  • Nominated Outstanding Health Care Practitioner of Las Vegas 1991
  • Included in Who’s Who in Veterinary Medicine and Science, 1992-present
  • Who’s Who of American Women
  • Who’s Who in the West
  • Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada.

Dr. Stefanatos has published numerous professional articles in the Anatomical Record, Missouri Veterinarian, AAHA Trends, VM/SAC, Zoo Veterinarian, Journal of the AHVMA, Journal of the IVAS, Alternative Medicine and American Homeopathy Magazine. Her creative works include producing the Holistic Pet Care video and is author of Animals and Man: A State of Blessedness, Animals Sanctified: A Spiritual Journey, SIMBA the Blessed Lioness -a children’s book. She has published her veterinary research in holistic veterinary medicine in four volumes. Dr. Stefanatos is a member of the Clark County Veterinary Medical Association, International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, International Homeopathic Association, British Institute of Homeopathy, American Institute of Homeopathy, American Animal Hospital Association and the Veterinary Laser Society. She is licensed in California, Nevada, Missouri, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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